2.12.2015 - Our new paper on simulation of Time-of-Flight and Phase Contrast angiography is now available on-line. We encourage you to read it.

30.11.2015 - In the Downloads section we've added a link to a Xcode project where we implement a vascular tree growth simulation algorithm. Have a try :-).

6.10.2015 - Two new models of the carotid artery bifurcation have been added to the downloads database.

15.08.2015 - We are starting a new project on magnetic resonance simulation. This time we will work on kidney perfusion modeling. More information soon.
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The research project

Hardware supported magnetic resonance angiography simulator for validating methods of quantitative analysis of the vessel system

implemented by

Project leader: Dr. Artur Klepaczko
Scientific area: Numerical modeling
Project budget: 470 500,00 PLN
Realization period: 14.04.2011 - 14.12.2013


The goal of the project was to design a computer system for synthesis of magnetic resonance angiography images. One of the crucial problems solved in course of the project realization was the development of model of the imaged organ. Apart from magnetic tissue properties...

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Why simulation?

Magnetic resonance imaging is now one of the most commonly used technique in medical diagnosis. Most importantly, this non-ivasive method allows obtaining 3-dimensional high-resolution images where fine details of tissues are visualized...

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